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Player Analysis: Juan Soto & Optimal Functioning

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

World Series just ended with the Washington Nationals taking down the Houston Astros (winning all 4 games on the road pretty incredible btw). Plenty of players received spotlight before and during the series. Scherzer, Cole, Verlander, Rendon, and Juan Soto. Recently turning 21 years old while he was playing in game 3 the World Series. While you watched him evolve from his 2018 stellar rookie campaign of a .923 OPS to 2019 having an even better OPS of .949 and striking out at 20% of the time, falling into league average strikeout rate. So yeah we see the talent on paper, then you watch him play and continue to see why he is so good. Incredibly patient approach, TONS of swagger and confidence that is just radiating in the batters box, and this unbelievable ability to make solid contact very consistently no matter who is pitching. Even if it's game 6...

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