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Skill Development and Tracking Metrics

As we approach a new baseball season in 2021, one topic continues to be at the forefront of many baseball organizations priority list. Whether that be professional, collegiate or even HS/travel ball. That being, data collection. The main data points involving batted ball metrics and slowly encompassing the tracking of the bat as well as bat sensors have become more prevalent and the introduction of hawk-eye to the major league level. With player development taking it's place as a large piece of the pie in organizational management within baseball. Tracking metrics and goal setting are the foundation of that development. Whether it being a goal to decrease body fat or swing at less balls outside of the strike zone (not the end of the world if someone swings at a ball). We set out to bucket certain metrics to indicate if that player is making progress towards that goal. How often do you think those, or at least some metrics are incorrectly identified? Or left out completely? I don't have that specific answer but I will lay out a process I believe is propitious (it means favorable, I'm trying out new words).

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